Due to current Covid-19 Restrictions All Ticket Sales are Suspended

Main Lake -  our largest lake at 20 acres and is strictly fly fishing only via an annual fishing ticket.  The depth of the lake varies from 4ft to 18ft and the discerning angler has the choice of 1200 metres of bank fishing or using one of our 14 boats. Weekly stocking of rainbows over 2lb, with its fair share of 10lb plus, gives anglers of all levels of experience the opportunity to hook into fish which have an established reputation of pulling very, very hard.

New - Discovery Lake
At just under 2 acres and trout, perch and roach,  Discovery is for only for  FAMILIES and groups. Adult anglers MUST be accompanied by a child (under 14). This Lake is ALL METHOD fishing for family and cost is £20 per family for up to 4 trout ticket (1 adult plus 2 children). 

If you are not familiar with knots, methods etc then why not prebook an all-in session 90 minute fishing session with a Guide, 2 rods, bait and up to 2 trout for £30!


NEW  - Horsetail Retreat Carp & Tench Lake

The thrill of not being sure what you’re going to hook next entices anglers to visit our carp lake. Its secluded, sheltered setting lends itself to young and old who want to get out there and maybe catch a Carp, Tench or Rudd. Our wee Coarse Tea Hut can supply a hot beverage and means there’s a handy refuge in case of rain.

Maintaining fish quality is one of our highest priorities. Therefore fishing numbers are strictly limited to annual members (£20 membership). Applications are welcome by visiting the fishery in person and chatting to the Lake Manager, Andy Cooper.

Worm, maggot, corn, all hook baits, are permitted on barbless hooks

Carp & Tench Lake 8hr Ticket - £10 (C&R)

*Under 16's must be accompanied by an adult when boat fishing